How to Get Water Out of the Charging Port on Your Phone or Computer

Drying water from your device

Mishaps and unfortunate events are a compulsory part of life. You sometimes encounter a situation you never wanted to, but it happens. Do not worry a lot because there is always a solution to avoid such a situation. Exposing your phone or computer to water is one example of such a miserable occurrence.

Phones or computers are mandatory objects for everyone in this day and age. Your life is incomplete without them because you cannot do hundreds of tasks. In some instances, you end up destroying your devices because water gets in them. There are many possibilities that this can happen, and you cannot avoid it. For instance, you accidentally drop water on your phone or computer, and it seeps into them, or you mistakenly drop the device into the puddle due to any hurdle. Moreover, it can also happen if you are outside your house, without any shelter and suddenly rain starts dripping.

The point now is, what must you do next? Should you dispose of the old device and buy a new one? This is not the solution for all because many people do not only lose the device but all the information in it that might be extremely important to them. So, what is the universal solution? Repairing and drying water from your device is the exact solution.

Many phones and computers have this in-built feature of alarming about the presence of moisture in the device. A notification that tells you about the defect: if you receive any such notification, use the following methods to dry your device and make it work again.

Let the Device Dry Naturally

The best and the easiest way to get water out of the charging port of your phone and computer is to let them dry naturally. Please leave them in a location that is super ventilated. This means a highly airy room. Uncover your charging port completely and place it facing downward. Downward direction is the key because the gravitational pull forces the liquid to travel towards the bottom, eventually getting out.

Leave your devices in this position for 30 minutes to one hour. Then again, check. If the problem is still not fixed, leave it for another hour in the same position. Keep checking the device after every hour again and again until the device starts working.

Sometimes, the climate is humid, or you do not have access to super ventilated space. So, in such a scenario, leave your phone or computer under the fan. Make sure the charging port faces downward, and the grip on the devices is strong so they do not fall and add fuel to the fire.

Gentle Taps on The Device

Another feasible method of drying water from your device is tapping the device gently. Hold the device firmly in your hands and tap softly against the back. Do not tap on the screen because it can get damaged. Moreover, keep the direction of the charging port downward so that the liquid moves towards the charging port due to the gravitation.

Another point to remember while tapping is that your hands are completely dry, and there is no liquid source nearby.

Shake Your Device Gently

You can also help remove moisture from the devices by gently shaking them downward. Avoid continuous shaking because it gives an upward push as well. Only shake the device downwards to multiply the gravitational impact.

Moreover, shake very softly; otherwise, you can destroy the phone by displacing the hardware. You can also mistakenly throw your phone away.

Shaking the phone dry is a critical method. Be mindful enough to do this yourself.

Seek the Specialist to Help

Sometimes, the moisture penetrates so deeply into the device that it spreads everywhere, making removing it impossible at home. In such a case, run to the specialists and tech experts without delay and ask them to dry the moisture by removing the protective casing of the phone or computer. If you delay further and ignore the messages, you might lose your device and the data forever.

What Should Not be Done to Save Your Wet Device

When you should do some things for drying water from your device, there are some things that you must not do.

Avoid Inserting Objects into the Charging Port

Inserting tissues or cotton buds into the charging ports are commonly believed to help dry water from your device. Therefore, many people choose this method and destroy the device completely. It would be best if you did not opt this way. The main reason for the deep loss is liquid pushing deeper into the device. Not only this, but you can harm the other components and displace them. There are fair chances you can scratch or break the screen if you mishandle the device.

Do Not Use a Hairdryer

People think using a hairdryer can fix the problem instantly, but unfortunately, this is not the case. First, the air pressure is so strong that it can easily ruin the components’ placement and cause wear and tear. Secondly, the hairdryer produces hotter air. This can melt the metal plates inside the device because they are super soft and thin. Resultantly, your device will be lost for good.

Do Not Leave Your Device in Rice

It is a very popular notion that leaving your phone or computer in the rice can dry the moisture trapped inside them. But in reality, it is a total scam. Leaving the device in the rice not only deeply penetrates the moisture into the phone but also leaves no way out. This is because small rice particles and dirt accumulate in all the openings and jam them. So, there is no way that the trapped moisture can get out.

Do Not Charge Your Device

Charging the devices when they encounter such a situation is highly prohibited. This can burst the device and harm you as well.

Do Not Sit Near Moisture While Drying Your Device

Ensure you avoid moisture when drying water from your device using any of the methods mentioned earlier. For instance, do not sit in damped areas like the kitchen, laundry, or washroom, or do not place a glass of water or water bottle nearby.

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