What is the Difference Between Chromebook and Pixelbook

Chromebook and Pixelbook

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are portable computers with technological advancements. They help the users do things in less time and more accurately. These computers operate on Chrome OS, unlike regular laptops that run on Windows. Chrome OS is a new type of software with the latest features and added security to ensure smooth working. Chrome OS works on Chromebooks only, and if you operate it on other laptops, you must install Windows 10 first.

These fast computers were launched in 2011 by Samsung and Acer. Later on, other brands also began to deal in Chromebooks in 2013. The main purpose of inventing Chromebooks was to access cases like outdated floppy disks. They are named after their software, Chrome OS, because no other operating software runs on these laptops.

What is a Pixelbook?

Like Chromebook, Pixelbook is also a sort of smart, portable computer. With the advancing needs, progressive desires, and the exploratory world, launching new products in the market is a must; Pixelbook is nothing but an updated version of Chromebook. It is faster and shrewder than a normal Chromebook. This laptop also operates on Chrome OS.

Pixelbook came into the market in 2017 by Google. They were invented to cater to that market segment that falls for smart and lightweight devices.

Advantages of Chromebook

Chromebook has many advantages over ordinary laptops that make them a remarkable choice. This computer is easy to use because of its simple and high-tech features. Considering the technological advancement in Chromebook, its features are quite uncomplicated.

Chromebooks are highly swift. They take extremely little time to start up when the power button is once pressed. The matter gets sorted in seconds, while the other computers take a few minutes to launch Windows. Moreover, there are hardly any delays while using the Chromebook, making the overall experience quite pleasing and satisfying.

Chromebooks provide advanced security to users. They protect you from mysterious viruses. Moreover, they are manufactured on a multiple-layer protection model that keeps your data safe from theft or leakage.

Updating your Chromebook is not a big deal. You need not worry about running to computer masters and getting all the updates. This is because multiple protection software updates the computer automatically. Hence, panicking about storage or viruses is a waste of time. Chromebook installs what falls best within the current limits of your computer.

Advantages of Pixelbook

The latest technology is the prime and most prominent advantage of the Pixelbook. This laptop is even one step ahead of Chromebook. It allows you to use work with more efficiency.

This computer has good quality speakers. These speakers keep the sound smooth and clear even at high pitch. The in-built software also warns the listeners about the harmful sound level according to the surroundings.

As the remote mode of work is becoming common, camera quality has grabbed the customers’ attention. Pixelbook is the only laptop whose in-built camera offers camera quality up to 1080 hp.

Differences Between Chromebook and Pixelbook

As the Chromebook and Pixelbook are eminent devices in the market, they both have marked differences that stand them better against one another.

Prices of Chromebook and Pixelbook

When a person plans to make a purchase, the first thing they look at is the price. After that, he proceeds on to other factors. In the case of Chromebook and Pixelbook, price is again a noticeable feature.

If we compare their prices with ordinary laptops, both are more expensive than them because of their high performance. But the mutual comparison shows that the Pixelbook is way more expensive than the Chromebook. The main reason is the technology and slim design. Although Chromebook has these two features, when contrasted with Pixelbook, we see their upgradation is not as much.

This can be supported by looking at the prices of the first Chromebook and Pixelbook. The first Chromebook cost $350, whereas the price of the first Pixelbook was $999.

Battery Life of Chromebook and Pixelbook

Battery life is another attention-diverting feature in the world of remote work. The more the battery life is, the more attractive the device is. More battery life makes portable computers quite handy because one cannot find a socket everywhere to charge the device. Moreover, running out of battery during a long journey is vexatious. Pixelbook is ahead of Chromebook concerning battery life. It has 12 hours long battery life compared to a Chromebook that runs continuously for 9 hours and 50 minutes.

Technological Advancement of Chromebook and Pixelbook

It is quite clear that Pixelbooks are more advanced technologically than Chromebooks. In fact, Pixelbooks are upgraded versions of Chromebooks. Pixelbooks have a high-quality camera and speaker than Chromebook. They provide more accuracy with added security and make your work secure. Although both of them contain Chrome OS, Pixelbook comes with premium hardware. Moreover, the Chromebook is not as swift as a Pixelbook. The Chromebook operations take more time than that of the Pixelbook.

Models of Chromebook and Pixelbook

Different models of devices offer distinct features that make them compatible with different price ranges. Not all people can buy the same product when they have different interests. People who are into gaming would most likely buy gaming computers. Similarly, those who like to write and compose would buy devices that cater to this interest. Therefore, it is not reasonable for a brand to stop on one variant of their product.

Samsung offers eight different variants of Chromebooks at different prices. The most expensive one costs $850 while the cheapest is $150. Whereas, Pixelbook is available in four different variants currently. However, Google is planning to launch its new model in the coming years.

Colours of Chromebook and Pixelbook

Some buyers are amused by the different colour choices of the laptops. Henceforth, brands target them by introducing the same product in various colours. Chromebook offers a colour pallet with four different choices to its customers. This makes the products so unique and intrigues the buyers. There are serene, bold, and funky colours that get hold of one’s attention. On the other hand, Pixelbook lags in this regard because it only comes in two different colours.

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