What is Kegura and is It A Scam Or Not?

What Is Kegura

Kegura, Online Shopping Store

People who are more likely into jewelry items visit kegura. Kegura is a US-based online shopping store. This store deals with multiple products. It provides its services worldwide, including in the US. This online shopping store offers jewelry items for both men and women.

Products Available on Kegura

This store deals with multiple products like bracelets, rings, watches, pendants, chains and chain sets, sunglasses and apparel, etc. When we come across the website, pretty jewelry pictures cannot resist someone visiting the site. 

Curiosity Over the Website

So those who manage buying products are curious to know whether the website they buy from is authentic or a scam. There are multiple views of people saying it has been great for them, and some are of the wrong views regarding this store.

Information on the Website

This online store was generated in 2020, 2 years from now. The modes available on the website for payment are Amex, apple pay, Gpay, visa, etc. According to the website, it gets shipped within 24 to 72 hours when you place the order.  It says that the order will take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. The email address has also been mentioned on the website. The website also gives some promo codes which allow customers to buy the items at a discounted price. 

Some Positive Signs from the Website

Kegura’s website is protected through the HTTPS protocol and has a valid SSL certificate which is a positive sign for the visitors or the buyers. The website offers friendly payment options, including the “Get your money back” option. Their return policy says that the product can be returned if requested within 30 days after the order has been delivered. But your product needs to be in perfect condition before you return, making you bear the return cost. 

Red Flags from the Website

As the store was established in 2020, so it’s very new. It is difficult for the buyers to trust as it’s very young to be trusted. And it has been found that the domain is registered for a year only. The website says the order could delay by 1 to 2 weeks due to covid. But since covid is not that prevalent now, the site is not being appropriately managed by the admins. And this is a big red flag. As we go down the page, we find no “About us” page, which is a high alert for the buyers. Why? Because each trusted, old and legit website has an about us page, which helps build the relationship of trust between the customers and the online retailers. 

  • Moreover, the contact details haven’t been provided by them. This increases their chances of being scammed or highly irresponsible towards their customers. Not only this but no details about their official address have been given, which is again a very negative sign.

  • Every website or store nowadays has its own social media accounts where they communicate with customers. This not only helps them build trust towards the customers but also helps in the vast growth of their site. And it’s tough to digest that kegura, a US-based online store, doesn’t have its social media account. This shows that the website is not professionally managed.

  • They also have a meager trust index score, making it even more damaging to the s of visitors or customers. And after a search, a high number of suspicious sites were bound on this server, according to the scam advisor reports. The reports also show that the elixir rank of this website is too low. No doubt there are positive reviews available from different customers on the website.

  • It has also been found that the terms and conditions section shows that the contents are copied from the other website. Some of the reviews also say that the pictures of the products are taken from other brands.

One of the Good Reviews 

One of the reviews said: “The customer service was amazing and real people reaching out and asking me good questions to get me helped out. In my first order, I made a mistake and got the wrong size; I sent an email to Kagura and was helped instantly. Kegura Support got everything figured out and, in a couple, of days, had my new order sent. I received it, and it is exactly what I ordered.” 

But it is too evident that we cannot trust the reviews as the ids are not precisely verified. Also, it was found that the owners had spent a large amount of money on marketing, including fake reviews on the internet. 

One of the Poor Reviews 

 One of the poor reviews says: “Ordered something a year ago and never received it. I followed all the ridiculous protocols on their website and even followed up with the email address they listed. Every response was a month late, although I answered every question and provided all the information about my order. Do not waste your money. This website has spent tons of fake reviews on multiple websites. This is a scam.”

Resultantly, so many loopholes have been found regarding the website’s legitimacy. After these red flags, it is suitable for the visitors or buyers to be safer and save money instead of getting scammed by a website with too many red flags.  A customer must go through all the information on the website and cross-check the information before going for any purchase. This will eventually lead you to save yourself from a more significant loss. 

There are many other legit jewelry sites available on the internet that provide the best of their services. I suggest you visit and research more to get the best of what you want. And obviously, without any repentance.