Unblocked Games WTF Guide: How to Play Games Online Without Getting Blocked

Unblocked wtf games

In this digital era, life has become so easy. You can get your tasks done instantly and access multiple innovative software to make your life easy. But scamming and bluffing go hand in hand and get you into various extreme problems. Gaming is a gateway to relaxation and getting a break from stress. People can play hundreds of online games and entertain themselves, but they are not safe. The cons come in various forms. Your personal information can be stolen, your devices might expose to viruses, or you can get blocked from playing your favorite game. The unblocked games WTF guide is the solution to your problems. Is it not frustrating that you cannot play your favorite game or get blocked by the website?

It surely is. But you can avoid these scams and keep your route to a joyful life hurdle free.

Now, you must be pondering, what is it?

The solution to your problem is “Unblocked Games WTF.”

What are Unblocked Games WTF?

This is not a single software or website where you can play games but a collection of multiple websites that offer free online games to play. You can go to the suggested website, search for your desired games by hitting the search bar, and play them.

Unblocked online games refer to all the online games that can be played through any device, anywhere, without paying anything. Sometimes, the website works in your location, so you have to visit it to access free games. Whereas in some cases, the website does not have access to your location, so you have to download proxy software or VPN to get access.

Why do Admins Block Games?

There are many famous games that you cannot play because the admin has blocked you. There are several reasons for this.

The most common reason games get blocked in a certain locality is that the education authority has asked to do it. According to the teachers and the parents, games are a great distraction from studies for students, and blocking them is the best solution.

Moreover, sometimes the admin gets offended by any action done by the citizens of a specific region. They either mock the idea behind the game or try to imitate it. To maintain a good image, the admin blocks access in that area.

Many games do not complement the cultural values of the specific country. Therefore, the authority or the government requests to block the game so that it does not impact the youth negatively.

Violence is a big deal for every nation, and they work hard to stop its promotion. Many famous games such as call of duty, free fire, pubg, etc. fall in this category and involve different types of weapons. Hence, the government bans such games to keep the youth on the right track.

Requirements to Play Unblocked Games

Before getting deep into the process, you must first do certain things to access the website fully.

  • Update your device to the latest version; if there are no pending updates, you are good to go.
  • Make sure your computer is completely safe and secure so that your chances of leaking your data vanish.
  • Download any credible anti-virus software on your device and if you already have one, skip this step.
  • Get complete information about the app or website before downloading or accessing it because VPN and Proxy grab traffic from various regions.

List of Websites to Unblocked Games WTF

To help you play your favorite games in your free time, there are multiple websites that you can access.

Google Games

Google itself is a great help in this regard. It recently added an extension to its chrome, “Google Games.” Its main purpose is to give you access to free games and kill your time positively. It contains games for all ages and allows you to play games even at school. There are few chances that your educational institution can block them because Google itself manages it, and it follows all the rules of conduct.

Armor Games

You want a blast in your gaming life but are blocked from playing some games. Do not worry about it if you know about Armor Games. It is software that allows you to play whatever games you like. Searching a game of your choice and interest is quite easy as it has bifurcated them into different genres. The admins of this site keep updating the website by adding new games, so there is no chance of you getting bored.

Surviv.io for Chrome

In terms of innovation and becoming technologically advanced, google is not stopping anywhere soon. Like Google Games, Survive.io is another extension on Chrome specifically to play Battle Royale. It is an extremely popular and likable game but has been blocked in many areas due to violence issues. If you love this game, visit Surviv.io and enjoy Battle Royal on your Google Chrome.


You are right if you speculate that this website has something to do with math and math lovers. HoodaMath.com gives you access to many mind-related games, including mathematical problems, questions, and puzzles. You can sharpen your brain by playing such games. It is so rare that HoodaMath.com gets blocked in any area because of its educational aspect, but if there is such a case, visit the website and polish your math skills.


Scratch is another website that can help you explore new games now and then. But it is not entirely a gaming website. It is famous with the name Scratch.mit.edu. It is more related to education and knowledge of programming games. You can visit this website and learn game development and gaming skills. Therefore, it is very less likely to be blocked by educational authorities.

Apart from educational help, Scratch gives access to some games and allows you to listen to your favorite music. Hence, you can hit two shots with one arrow and double your entertainment dose.

Access to Famous Games on Unblocked Games WTF

Unblocked games WTF gives access to fifty famous games. All of them are listed under,

Run 3Snowball.ioUnoPolice Pursuit 2Penguin.io
Retro BowlNeon BlasterCar Eats Car Evil CarsShort RideLast Wood
Mine CloneHappy RiderSparkman 2Tank TroubleSubway Surfers
SlopeDeath Run 3DTraffic RunMutilate a Doll 2Fortnite Building simulator
1v1.LOLTwo Ball 3DBottle Flip 3DTube JumpersTABS
Agar.ioSlope TunnelSoccer PhysicsSuper Smash Flash 2Hole.io
Zombotron 2Ball MayhemBaseball FurySlope BallFire Balls
Tanuki SunsetGrand Action SimulatorMadalin Cars MultiplayerZombocalypse 2Five Nights at Freddy’s
Just BuildGeometry Dash JumpPaper.io 2Helix JumpJavelin Fighting
Horse Simulator 3DGrannyJungle.LOLMoto X3M WinterSonic Revert

How to access Games on Unblocked Games? WTF?

You do not have to worry if you cannot access your favorite games online. Now, you can play online games even if your school has blocked them by following the steps given below,

  • Get your device and set up a credible VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Protect your IP address and location before heading forward.
  • Visit any of the websites given above.
  • Type the name of your favorite game in the search bar and enjoy playing it limitlessly.

Now, another problem arises. Even if you know the procedure and the website, one stone is still unturned. That is the VPN. Many schools block famous VPNs inside the locality, making it difficult to run on the device. You must learn about different VPN software if you encounter any such situation. Some virtual private networks are immune to blockage because they are too difficult to ban.

The most famous among them is TorGuard. This VPN software is the most credible and widely used. It is not easy to hack or block because it has military-level encryption. Follow the steps explained below and get rid of this problem too.

  • Download the TorGuard app or add an extension of its website to your Chrome.
  • Set up Epic Game launcher on the VPN app or site.
  • Sign up for a new account on Epic Game Launcher.
  • Log into the account and download your favorite games.

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