How do You Troubleshoot if Your IP Address has been Temporarily Blocked?

Troubleshoot your IP address

It happens so often that we keep trying to open and use a particular website but cannot reach it. We keep trying but cannot guess the reason that’s blocking our way. Many possible reasons are there. One of the most common possible reasons is that your IP address has been temporarily blocked. 

Have you ever tried using an application that offers special discounts and even free first use? Many people start using such applications with different logins to use them for free. In such cases, your IP address may be blocked. Furthermore, an error in the connection or any delay from the developer may use this issue too. 

Why Is Your IP Address Blocked?

It is possible that you attempted to visit a website that prohibited access from your area, attempted to log in too frequently, that your IP address fulfills the requirements for banning access, or that you violated a policy.

If your IP address is flagged as spam or you check in too frequently, a website may block or block your IP address. Whether the ban was temporary, you may wait 24 hours or check your name on a public list to see if you’ve been barred.

Ways to Troubleshoot to Unblock Your Temporarily Blocked IP Address

If you are looking for a solution to this problem, you are in the right spot. This article will guide you about some solutions that will help you out in this regard effectively. Let’s thoroughly study how to troubleshoot if your IP address has been blocked temporarily. 

There are various methods for getting around IP address restrictions. Even if there are no direct means to unblock your IP address, there are various ways to circumvent the ban. The following solutions will help you solve your problems, no matter what restrictions you face. 

Check to See Whether Your IP Address is Blocked

Many websites use publicly accessible IP address blocklists. These lists are frequently gathered from known spammers, and banning the addresses can assist in keeping undesirable people away from their websites and prevent spamming abuse. However, your IP address might have been inadvertently added to one of these blocklists. The good news is that you can check at by clicking Check IP Address. Your IP address is typed in automatically, and the site will notify you if it appears on any of these lists.

Wait for It to Pass

It is usual for a website to ban IP addresses temporarily. If you tried to log in too many times with incorrect credentials, you might be prohibited or blocked for 24 hours before trying again. You may look at the website’s terms of service for further information or wait a day.

Examine for Malware

Running antimalware software on your computer is generally a good idea, but it’s especially crucial if a serious event occurs, such as restricting your IP address. These are warning signs that your computer has been compromised and is being used to send spam or launch Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Even if you wait 24 hours after the restriction is lifted, you may be barred again shortly until you address the underlying issue. Use anti-malware software to examine your machine and take any necessary action. If you’re using Windows, go to Start, type “security,” and then select Windows Security when it appears in the search results. Perform a Quick scan by selecting Virus & threat protection.

Update Your IP Address

Of course, changing your IP address is the most straightforward technique to sidestep an IP ban. This is simpler than it sounds. You instantly receive a new IP address when you move networks or locations. Change your Wi-Fi network if you have the opportunity. You can also reset your internet modem, establishing a new IP address for your computer.

Try to Contact the Web Developer

Suppose you couldn’t find any information about why your IP address was restricted in the website’s terms of service. In that case, you can contact the webmaster — especially if it’s a local website that actively connects with its users. The webmaster may be able to tell you why your IP address has been banned and what you may do to resolve the issue.

Your PC Might Need an Update

A software upgrade may also be beneficial. If you aren’t operating the most recent version of Windows, a software problem might expose you to malware, causing your IP address to be blocked. Click Start, then enter “update.” Click Search for updates in the search results to check if any updates are available; if so, install them and reboot them. Wait a day, and then try to visit the website blocking you.

Make use of a VPN

If you cannot modify your IP address and the previous troubleshooting methods have failed, you have one final option: use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN masks your IP address and allows you to access websites with an IP address that looks to be from somewhere else. It’s usually used to increase safety and confidentiality, but it may also assist you in getting around an IP ban.

The app of TikTok often stops working. This happens because this app gets temporarily blocked in this geographical area. The only solution to use TikTok or games like Pubg is a VPN. Similarly, you may use a VPN and the desired website by hiding your identity. 


While most users do not see this issue frequently, it is always conceivable that the website you are attempting to access will restrict your IP address, preventing you from accessing it. This can happen for various reasons, including trying to log in too many times or violating the site’s conditions of use (such as posting unapproved content). However, it might also be something that is not your mistake, such as if your computer’s IP address is included in a ban of a group of IP addresses because you are accused of spamming. There are a few options for investigating and resolving this issue, including unblocking your IP address so you may finish whatever you were doing online.