Best Instagram Viewer, Smihub for Free and Private InstaViewer Features

Free & Private InstaViewer Feature

People nowadays prefer spending their leisure time on social media. The applications like Instagram have forever been on the frontline with context to user engagement. Why? Because it provides the user with every facility that he searches for. It has introduced the best of its features and still brings updates that inspire the users.

Stories are one of the most popular features of Instagram. But unfortunately, it doesn’t allow the viewer to view the story without showing the name. But the big issue has been resolved now. There is the best alternative to it now. We all have privacies in our lives. And nobody wants it to be ruined. Many people want to view the targeted story without their names being shown.

What is Smihub?

Do you want to view your Instagram story without following the account? Smihub is an app that is specially designed for this purpose. You do not need to look for other apps. Because smihub is precisely what you’ve been searching for. Then smihub is the right choice. You can not only view it without following the account but also without letting them know. What else could bring such a high level of privacy? It could be your boss, colleagues, friends, family, or interests. You can spy on anyone. You must be wondering about how to use the app. Is it too difficult to operate or as easy as a piece of cake? How could smihub be challenging to use when it’s providing you with the best? What you need to do is

  • Go the website
  • Enter the username of the profile you want to view the story of.

And you’re done as soon as these two steps are done. You’ll then see what account has been posted for 24 hours.

Smihub doesn’t ask you to create your account. It can be used without making an account. But it’s for your convenience if you make it. With an account on smihub, the users you want to see more often can be saved. And it would bring convenience to your operation.

Smihub, at the same time, brings you safety. It won’t allow your information to be leaked or shared with anyone. You can use it without being in stress.

Pros to Smihub

  • The account you want to look at the story of could be any public account.
  • It’s very feasible to use.
  • All you need is an internet connection.
  • It’s user-friendly.
  • The most significant advantage is it’s free of cost.
  • It Shows stories without following the account.

Smihub also gives you additional benefits. Apart from all the pros mentioned above, the best one is: You can also download any story for free. Yes, smihub not only allows the user to view but also to download the story. Isn’t it awesome? It’s 2 in 1.

Private InstaViewer

Everybody knows that pictures and videos of any account can only be seen if you follow them. And you can’t see if you don’t follow. Many people want to see pictures or videos of the account without following it. Or some people don’t accept requests. Some people want to know what their exes are up to. But without following them.

Is it too necessary to follow? Of course, it’s not. Why would you need to follow when you have a private InstaViewer?

Private InstaViewer can let you view everything. The pictures, videos, comments, likes everything without even following. Not only the private accounts can be viewed, but you can also view the accounts that have blocked you. This unique software has precisely what has been wanted by the users.

You need not worry about how to make it happen. It’s super easy to use. All you need to do is

  • Go to the website
  • Enter the target’s username
  • Choose what’s to be viewed
  • Verify yourself

These four steps and you’re good to go with your work.

You just need to make sure that you’ve verified yourself. Else you won’t be able to access the target’s profile.

Pros of Private InstaViewer

  • The account you want to access could be private or public
  • The blocked account can also have access
  • It’s free to use
  • Most importantly, it keeps you anonymous
  • It doesn’t require any installation of the app
  • It has all the features that make a user’s security its priority
  • It can be searched on any search engine
  • You can also Install the app

Some other websites like these may let you go through many processes. Those can also be malicious to use. But Private Insta viewer can be used freely and without letting a user be stressed.

You must be waiting to know about the additional benefit it gives users. Besides all the facilities, one more is there. You can download the user’s photos as well. Isn’t it great? It has attracted a lot of users already.

This is the most powerful tool on the internet. It has done wonders for the users. Private Insta viewers ensure their users accomplish their tasks without getting into a problem. You need to drop your name, email, and a problem you’re facing. The team makes sure you get a response within no time.


No doubt Instagram is the best social networking site. It provides us with the current updates. But there are some features that users look for that Instagram doesn’t provide. Even if it does, it doesn’t keep the anonymity.

Smihub and Private InstaViewer are sites that are designed to have unorthodox features. The reason behind the engagement of users could be curiosity or anything. But these sites are providing the users with what they want. Above all, these are free to use and bring additional benefits. These are some attractive features that have attracted users already. And if you’re so concerned about your privacy, then you’re definitely at the right place.