IFVOD TV: Best App for Chinese to Watch TV Shows and Movies

IFVOD TV: the best app for the Chinese to watch TV shows and movies.

With the fast-moving world, the inclination of people is increasing toward their desired screens. They prefer to watch everything with a single touch of their finger. It gives them a sense of security, pleasure, ease and comfort. Contrary to old times, people are irritated with ads popping up every other minute and interrupting their favourite shows. To cater to this aspect, many companies have launched apps and websites to give easy access to almost all TV shows and movies; IFVOD TV is among such software. So, it justifies the title, IFVOD TV: best app for Chinese to watch shows and movies.

A Chinese company, iFeng, launched this amazing app in 2014. The organization has been updating the app till now, owing to the most technologically advanced nature of the country. The main purpose of this app is to provide hassle-free access to various TV shows, drama serials, movies, and reality shows to the Chinese. IFVOD TV makes the whole experience of watching your favourite TV show quite wonderful and serene.

This outstanding app is available in more than 190 countries across the world. Now, you can access IFVOD TV worldwide and amuse yourselves by watching your favourite shows. Additionally, this software is easy to run on android, apple, and PC. You do not have to purchase a new device to access this tireless app. Follow the procedure to download this app and enjoy watching your desired shows with just a single click.

Advantages of IFVOD TV

This outstanding and user-friendly app has advantages that make it distinct and perfect.

Good Video Quality

Video quality is one of the major concerns for all of us while watching something. We prefer high-quality, clear, and error-free videos to glorify our whole experience.  IFVOD TV has got you covered. It allows multiple resolution options depending upon their bandwidth, internet connection and device capacity. The resolution range starts with 480p and goes up to 2160p. In short, it offers standard to 4K ultra-high resolution to all its users. But the quality also varies with the show and production houses. Some shows are made in low quality for which the app cannot provide good quality—for example, old videos. Moreover, some devices and internet connections fail to support high-quality content and keep surfing. In such cases, IFVOD TV automatically compresses the video to fit it into the available capacities.

Free Downloading of Videos

Sometimes, people are away from internet sources, for example, airplanes, hospitals, schools, etc. Without the internet, mobile phones or related devices are of no use to kill time. IFVOD TV app can save you in such situations if you have it downloaded on your devices. It allows you to watch your favorite shows even in the absence of the internet due to this interesting feature that gives access to certain TV shows and movies even when during offline mode. This feature makes the downloading of up to 100 different titles feasible. Empty some space in your device if you are out of it, download any show and enjoy yourselves.

Access to Subtitles

Watching shows in a different language is not big anymore if you have IFVOD TV on your device. This app permits you to turn on subtitles in multiple languages. For all the videos, subtitles are available in five different languages: Arabic, English, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Other than these, it depends on the show or the region and what other subtitles would be available. You can now enjoy spectacular Chinese shows even if you are not native to China.

Ease to Watch Multiple Shows Simultaneously

Time is so precious, and so is the relaxation of the mind. Are you a busy person with a hectic schedule? Do you aspire to watch your favourite shows but do not have much time? Eradicate this problem from your life and buy yourself some luxury time by downloading IFVOD TV to your device. A proper subscription and a fluent internet connection permit downloading multiple videos and watching multiple episodes or shows simultaneously. Watch shows in lesser time without any curiosity with IFVOD TV. Hence, IFVOD TV is the best app for the Chinese to watch TV shows and movies.

Amazing Features of IFVOD TV

IFVOD TV has many outstanding features that make it a fantastic app to watch videos on.

  • You can access a single account and subscription of IFVOD TV on multiple devices at a time and run all the shows smoothly
  • Nearly ten lac or one million videos are free on IFVOD TV. No subscription or premium package is required for them.
  • The app remains active 24/7
  • The app supports many devices
  • There is no language barrier in IFVOD TV due to the variety of subtitles
  • Simultaneous streaming of multiple shows at one time is possible with this app
  • All the shows are divided into different genres, which makes searching easy
  • With a subscription, you can watch more than one million free shows.
  • Announcements about the upcoming content are automatically made without any fee
  • IFVOD TV allows easy downloading of the shows and makes the free time a fun time

How to Install IFVOD TV

  • Initiate the process by grabbing any device with easy access to IFVOD TV. it could be Apple, Android or PC
  • Go on your search tab and download APK for IFVOD TV
  • Get rid of all the previous related apps
  • Now, go to the app store, google play, or Microsoft store and type IFVOD TV APK download in the search bar
  • Install this software
  • This step might take a few minutes
  • Set up your username in the window popping on your screen
  • Click the IFVOD TV app icon
  • You have successfully downloaded the app
  • Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the best show ever

Subscription Packages of IFVOD TV

Initially, IFVOD TV used to give free access to over a million videos. It had simple features. But later, in 2017, the company came up with an amazing idea of introducing new features, upgrading the app and moving along with technological advancement. But to avail of all these facilities, users now had to pay some amount and buy a premium subscription to IFVOD TV by transacting money through WeChat, PayPal, and Alipay.

For $19.99 per month, customers can avail of extra videos to watch and access five cable and fifty television networks. They can also watch HBO and showtime with the best qualities on their devices for $4 per month. Lastly, users must pay $3 per month to get unlimited screens to watch simultaneously.

These advantages and features make IFVOD TV the best app for the Chinese to watch TV shows and movies.

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