How To Use Oksms: Best Platform for SMS Verification now

How To Use Oksms: Best Platform for SMS Verification now

What is Oksms?

OK SMS is an online SMS innovative management application. Not one of those common types of type applications used for sending or receiving text messages. It is an application that has come up with all its uniqueness for a user to take advantage of. 

This app allows you to verify your number online without making phone calls. In short, it tells you whether the number you are trying to figure out is fake or valid.  In short, it helps you stay away from scams. 

How to use it?

OK SMS is available online on Google, and its application is available on the play store. This is your choice which option you like to go for. If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for the application to be installed. Or else you don’t have enough storage in your phone, then all you need to do is

1) Open the webpage 

2) Search OKSMS

3) Click on the first link you see, and you are on the page

This is a short-run convenience. And if you want to avoid being in long processes and want a home shortcut for opening it often, downloading the application is best for you. The application will directly take you to its homepage. To use the application, you are not supposed to follow the steps you followed to be on the website. 

And this is a long-run convenience as it is in your phone now in the form of an application.  OK SMS can be used on your phones as well as PCs. 

Steps to Be Followed on the Homepage

Once you enter the homepage, it asks you to create an account. The account is purposely necessary for you to make to keep the record and make it safe for you to use it for the back-to-back received numbers to be verified. 

After you create an account there, they ask you to enter your email using a pin code and the number you want to verify. These two steps and Woah, you are done knowing the owner of the number.

Is it Free to Use?

OK SMS is free to download. No matter whether you are using it on the application or website. It is free to use. 

The downloading is free, but you need to get some payment done to get the numbers verified. But the best part is that you can use it free of cost on a trial basis. The trial account will help you know whether it works for you best or is worth spending money on. This will build your trust in the app but also helps you get your starting work done without charging you any cost. 

Theme and Packages

There are different designs that OKSMS offers. The fast and sleek design comes up with a variety of impressive packages. 

  • It allows you to block phone numbers that irritate or aren’t helpful to you.
  • Text can be replaced with an emoji.
  • SMS can be blocked. This will block the entire conversation.
  • Allows you to have font customization with avatar and notifications customization.
  • It gives you a pop-up window option that helps you reply faster. 
  • Favorite color can be set to the conversation with different bubble styles.
  • Switches tonight or morning mode automatically according to your settings. 
  • Allows you to do delayed messaging. That means you can wait and then reply. 

Is it a Safe Option?

OK, SMS has brought the best out of it. People reading must wonder how an app like this is safer. But to clear all your doubts, yes, it is a safe site to go for.  It can be used on any device without fear of being hacked or caught. It uses encryption, which keeps your entire data safe and protected from theft. 

And can you guess what is best about it? Well, OKSMS allows you to stay ANONYMOUS through the entire process. Could it be better? You can text anonymously to multiple phone numbers keeping your data safe. This is the most fantastic feature it owns.

How to Bring Business to Efficiency

In a world full of fraud, one cannot easily trust clients or customers. So, it’s the best option for business owners to know who is their valid customers and who the fraud is.  With the help of OKSMS, you can verify clients’ phone numbers and your customers’ identities. It can help you route the information about your client and help you stay safe from a massive loss because any wrong information from a wrong client can eventually lead you towards a loss. No matter what size of a business you have, you can use it to make ideal decisions about the customers for your business. It also helps you track the information about your client. 

Personal Concerns

Not only can business owners take advantage of it, but it can also be used for some private home concerns. Suppose you want to know the identity of a number who’s irritating you, threatening you, or trying to make you go through some pranks, no matter your situation. In that case, you can always get to know the identity anonymously. It can help you deal with your concerns too.  

Wide Use

OK SMS is used on a broader level. It doesn’t matter where you are; You’re accessible to OKSMS if you are in one of those 350 countries where OKSMS is used. This app is beneficial if you are traveling internationally. 


OK SMS ensures you do not encounter any scam on business or personal terms. It is best to confirm first whom you are dealing with. This can help you stay away from scams and fraud. The choice of using it on the application or website is yours. You can get familiar with the app by using it on trial terms first to make sure your money doesn’t go waste.  OK SMS asks its users to leave a review, making it easier for the other users to know how the website is.