A Guide to Start Your Business in Dubai

A Guide to Start Your Business in Dubai

Opportunities do not knock on your door again and again in your life. If you ever get a chance to cash the opportunity, never let it go. Business setup in Dubai is one such life-changing opportunity for you. It can help you achieve what looks unachievable. So, respond to your luck knocking on your door; otherwise, it might never return. 

A business setup in Dubai can be your dream coming true. It has plenty of things to offer you. For example, setting up your business in Dubai can open the doors of international trading for you. It can help you become a part of international business. Plenty of businessmen from all over the world set up their businesses in Dubai. Interacting with them can increase your exposure and business skills as well.

Suppose you ever dreamt of achieving your dream of business setup in a universal market of Dubai. In that case, you’re on the right page. This article provides a complete guide about your company’s formation in Dubai. It can make things easier for you in the coming future. Moreover, you’d feel less hectic while getting the things done for your business setup.

Pre-Plan Everything

For every big step in your life, you should plan everything. It allows you to be one step ahead of things. Moreover, you get a chance to resolve your issues more efficiently. As a result, your business keeps running ever so smoothly. Therefore, acting on your plans before they occur is very important. Especially as a businessman, if you do not pay proper attention to these little problems, they keep multiplying. They can become almost unsolvable for you.

The only reasonable strategy is to plan to avoid these consequences. For that, you can consult seniors or even research online.

Name Your Business

After deciding on your little chores, you’d move forward towards naming your business. While naming your business, be sure to remain general. Don’t include any personal information, such as your name or identity. Moreover, your name can tag your business as restricted to a specific race or nation. So, it’s better to be general. However, there’s no restriction on being creative while choosing the name for your business.

Select Your Jurisdiction

The most crucial step in your business setup in Dubai is to select the appropriate jurisdiction for your business. It can either become support or an undermining factor. There are three different jurisdictions in Dubai, and they have specific benefits and regulations to follow. Those three zones are the following:

  • Free Zone
  • Mainland
  • Offshore

All these three zones have different laws regarding your business setup. Therefore, becoming familiar with them is very important. Some of the significant features of these zones are the following:

Free Zone

Mostly, people go to Dubai for its free zone. This zone offers plenty of benefits to a businessman. For example, it offers 100% ownership of your business regardless of nationality. Any businessman from Dubai or outside of Dubai can own their business completely for freezone. Moreover, complete exemption of tax is also offered in the free zone. Hence, it’s the most beautiful part of Dubai’s business jurisdiction.


Unlike the free zone, the mainland requires a 51% share of a local sponsor. Unless you add a local shareholder to your business for more than 50%, you cannot start your business in Dubai mainland. So, finding a trustworthy local sponsor for your business on the mainland can be a problem. However, many local shareholders are willing to participate in your business in Dubai.

Moreover, you can own your business entirely on the mainland under certain conditions. For example, if you run an LLA, you are eligible to own your business altogether.


Many people use offshore as a bonus. It gives them an excellent opportunity to deal with their business in Dubai while being located outside of Dubai. You get an option to run your business as a brand of your company in Dubai. Your business gets registered in Dubai, but you run it remotely. 

Financial Solution

For any businessman in Dubai, it’s essential to open a corporate bank account in Dubai. Otherwise, you face a lot of problems while doing your daily transactions. A corporate bank account in Dubai offers you many benefits, including free transactions and an exemption from the taxpayers. Moreover, you can do unlimited cashless transactions.


No business is easy to start. However, things can become a bit sorted if you do your homework. For a business setup in Dubai, you can start doing your homework by consulting a good businessman with a handsome amount of experience. You can go for online consultation if you don’t find any such person. There are many online consultancy agencies available for guidance. Moreover, they can help you minimize your period of business setup from months to weeks.