How to Activate Login/Begin URL 8-Digit Code on Any Device

Activate Disneyplus account on any device

What is

Entertainment is a cup of tea for every other person around the globe. The entertainment industry has been booming for many years, but its success has quadrupled with the breakthrough of online streaming. Moreover, Disneyplus is part and parcel of it. It is also highly easy to activate on any device you want.

So, what exactly is Disneyplus? It is an online streaming website that gives access to hundreds and thousands of different shows and movies. Along with producing its original content, Disney Plus allows other shows to run on the website.

Its main rival is Netflix. It has been improving day and night, but Disneyplus has crossed its numbers since Covid-19 hit the world. Additionally, its streams are unavailable on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. For instance, Marvel shows, Star Wars, Pixar, Multiverse of Madness, and National Geographic.

In Which Countries is Available?

Since the launch of Disneyplus, its services have expanded like a fire in the woods. It is giving s strong competition to its rivals because it is currently available in more than 100 countries and is planning to expand to 40 more countries. Expansion means more users. More users mean more sales that will ultimately ensure record-breaking success. Expansion confirms many subscribers because of the unmatchable fame of Disneyplus and the worth of its shows.

So, let’s have a look at which regions Disney Plus is available. It is available in,

  • Forty (40) countries in Europe
  • Twenty (20) countries in North, Central, and South America
  • Eighteen (18) countries in the Middle East and Africa
  • Thirteen (13) countries in West Indies
  • Eleven (11) countries in the South Pacific and Asia

Moreover, if Disneyplus is unavailable in your area, you can access it by downloading VPN.

Which Devices Support

If you have any of the following devices, you can download the Disneyplus app and access the amazing shows.

  • iOS – version 10.0 and later
  • Apple TV – 4th generation and later
  • Google Chromecast – 2nd generation
  • Fire TV.
  • Android – version 4.4.4 and later.
  • Android TV – version 7.1.1.
  • Samsung Smart TV – any model of 2018 and above
  • LG Smart TV – 4th generation Login Guide

There are three steps to create, login, activate a Disneyplus account, and enjoy your favorite shows.

Step 1: Creating a Disney Plus Account using URL

  • Turn on your computer
  • Visit Google Chrome or Microsoft
  • Visit URL
  • You will see a sign-up option on the screen
  • Click sign up
  • Now, enter all the information that is required
  • Type your name, username, date of birth, email, phone number, password, etc. in the respective bars
  • Go to the next page
  • Different subscription options will pop up on your screen
  • Select a monthly or annual subscription package as per your desire
  • Enter the required payment information
  • Lastly, click complete
  • Your account has been created using the website/begin URL

Step 2: Activate Your Disney Plus Account on Various Devices

You can activate your Disneyplus account on smartphones, iPads, or TVs. All of them have different methods, which are explained below.

Activate Disney App on Smart TVs

There are different types of smart TVs, and they have different methods or procedures to activate Disney Plus accounts.

Activation on Apple TV

  • Open apple TV home
  • Go to the App store
  • Open Apple TV App store
  • Download Disneyplus app on your Apple TV
  • Log in to your existing account by using the email and password that you set while creating the account
  • If you have not already created the account, create a new account by following the same steps

Activation on Samsung TV

  • First, download the Disney app by going to the channel store of the Samsung TV
  • Log in to your Disney account
  • Sign up for a new account if you do not have an account already
  • A request for an eight-digit code will appear on the screen
  • Login to your Disneyplus account on the browser by visiting URL
  • Access the eight-digit code
  • Enter the code
  • Tap the “Activation” button, and you are done

Activate App on Fire TV

  • Start the activation process by downloading the Disney app on your Fire Tv
  • Open the app
  • Login to your existing account or sign up for a new one
  • Enter the eight-digit code by visiting and complete the activation process by clicking on the “Activation” button
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Your account will open on Fire TV

Activation on Roku TV

  • Turn on your Roku TV
  • Go to the Home
  • Open “Streaming Channels.”
  • Install the Disneyplus app
  • Select Channels and click OK
  • Go to the Disney app
  • Select “Add Channel.”
  • This will add Disneyplus to your Roku TV
  • Go back to Home
  • Go to Disney and start the channel
  • Login or sign up to Disneyplus
  • Enter your Roku pin
  • Now, enjoy your favorite shows

Activate Disney App on iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Download the app on your devices and open URL simultaneously

  • Once downloading the Disney app is completed, open it on your devices such as iPhones, Androids, iPods, Tablets, etc.
  • Enter your email address in the email bar and password in the password bar. This email address and password are the same that you set while creating the account
  • Click login
  • An eight-digit code is available on the page
  • Visit the page again
  • Enter that eight-digit code in. the bar to activate your account
  • Tap “Enter”
  • Your Disneyplus account has been activated on your devices

Activate Disney App on Games Console

PlayStation and Xbox are the two most popular game consoles that provide access to other apps. You can activate your Disney Plus accounts on them by using the following methods.

Activation on PS4 and PS5

  • Set up your PlayStation 4 or 5
  • Go to the PlayStation App Store
  • Download the Disneyplus app by typing Disneyplus in the search bar
  • Click “Launch” to open the app
  • Log in to your existing account or create a new account
  • You are done

Activation on Xbox

  • Set up your Xbox
  • Download the Disneyplus app
  • You will receive a Disneyplus code
  • Visit the website URL
  • Enter an eight-digits code
  • Lastly, click “Continue.”
  • You are done

Step 3: Streaming Online on Disney Plus

After creating the account, you will receive an email containing an eight-digit code. If you tap that code, you will go to the Disneyplus browser page. Here, activate your subscription.

  • Start by Entering your email
  • Agree to all the subscription agreements
  • Create a new account
  • Set a strong password
  • Click “Start.”
  • Now Stream online